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We all want to do our bit for the planet and make a difference in any way we can. What better place to start than with our bathrooms, which are often overlooked when it comes to eco-friendliness? In this post, we will discuss how you can go green in the loo by adopting some easy tips and tricks. From using eco-friendly materials for your bathroom renovation, low-flow showerheads, refillable containers for personal care products, and biodegradable dental floss – we’ve got you covered. We will also provide insights into sustainable bathroom furniture options, energy-saving appliances, and even using coconut oil for skincare. Join us on this journey towards creating a more eco-conscious bathroom that is not only good for the environment but also great for your wallet!

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What makes a bathroom eco-friendly?

An eco-friendly bathroom features water-saving fixtures, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, non-toxic cleaning products, and sustainable materials. It also prioritizes reducing water usage, maximizing natural lighting and ventilation, and minimizing waste to lessen its environmental impact.

Eco bathroom materials to consider

Designing an eco-friendly bathroom involves keeping in mind sustainability and friendliness towards the environment. Sustainable materials are healthier alternatives to traditional ones that are harmful to nature. Low-flow tapware and showerheads conserve gallons of water by reducing the amount of water used with each flush or washing task. Natural cleaning products keep soap scum off while maintaining environmental friendliness. Installing energy-efficient lighting and ventilation saves energy while helping the environment too.

Low-flow showerheads for water conservation

Low-flow showerheads are a crucial component of a sustainable bathroom. By reducing the amount of water used during showers, these showerheads can help you save gallons of water and cut down on your hot water bills. Along with low-flow toilets, you can incorporate eco-friendly bathroom swaps like bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars with minimal packaging or DIY shampoo recipes with citrus and eucalyptus to further improve the eco-friendliness of your bathroom.

Using bathwater for plants

Incorporating sustainable practices in your bathroom is necessary for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Use bathwater for plants instead of letting it go to waste. By doing so, you can conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint. Ensure that you use natural cleaning products and energy-efficient lighting and ventilation systems in your bathroom for optimal friendliness to the environment.

Refillable containers for personal care products

To create an eco bathroom, consider using refillable containers for personal care products. Packaging for personal care products contributes significantly to plastic waste in landfills. You can reduce this by using refillable soap dispensers, shampoo bars, and conditioner bars made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled materials. By refilling instead of buying new, you can save money and reduce waste. Choose from a variety of items offered by different companies such as natural deodorants, dental floss, and cotton buds to have an environmentally friendly bathroom with sustainability at its core.

TreeBird Biodegradable Dental Floss

TreeBird Biodegradable Dental Floss offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional floss. Made of bamboo fiber and coated with candelilla wax, it’s free from harmful chemicals and plastics that harm the environment. By using this environmentally friendly dental floss instead of traditional options, you contribute to sustainability.

Eco-Frenzy Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent way to make your bathroom eco-friendly. The Eco-Frenzy Bamboo Toothbrush is an innovative product that promotes sustainability by using bamboo as a renewable resource. This toothbrush helps reduce plastic waste in landfills and oceans and provides a natural alternative to plastic toothbrushes. Say goodbye to harmful synthetic materials in your personal care routine and switch to this eco-friendly solution today.

DIY shampoo recipes with citrus and eucalyptus

Reduce your carbon footprint by using eco-friendly shampoo bars or making your own DIY shampoo with natural ingredients like citrus and eucalyptus. Opt for a bamboo hairbrush and toothbrush to reduce plastic waste and consider using refillable containers for products like toothpaste and floss. By taking these small steps towards sustainability in your bathroom routine, you can contribute to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Shaving with eco-friendly razors

Shave sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint by opting for eco-friendly razors made of bamboo or other sustainable materials. Choose plastic-free and refillable options to minimize waste. Instead of aerosol cans, try shampoo bars or natural oils packaged in recyclable containers. By making these small changes to your routine, you can help protect the planet while achieving a clean shave.

Zero-waste bathroom swaps with hemp and cork

Looking to create an eco-friendly bathroom? Consider zero-waste bathroom swaps with hemp and cork as alternatives to traditional plastic products. Make use of these sustainable materials to reduce waste that ends up in landfills. Hemp and cork can be used to make a variety of items such as shampoo bars, toothbrushes, hairbrushes and toilet paper. By using these zero-waste options you can reduce the amount of plastic packaging used in your personal care products and create a beautiful, green bathroom.

How to make your own toilet cleaner

Keeping your bathroom clean can be eco-friendly too with this simple DIY toilet cleaner. Mix water and white vinegar with essential oils for fragrance, then sprinkle baking soda on the bowl and spray the mixture on top to remove stains. Wait a few minutes before scrubbing with a brush and flushing for an earth-friendly clean. Not only does this save money, but it also reduces plastic consumption since it eliminates wasteful packaging from traditional cleaners.

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Eco bathroom lighting solutions

Using eco-friendly lighting solutions in your bathroom will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you money in the long run. Opting for energy-efficient LED bulbs, motion sensor lights to decrease energy waste and incorporating natural light sources like windows and skylights are great options. If you have an outdoor bathroom or shed, consider using solar-powered lights to further enhance the eco-friendliness of your space.

Eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products

Eco-lifestyle enthusiasts should opt for eco-friendly bathroom cleaners to make their bathrooms more sustainable. Choose cleaning products that are friendly towards the environment and do not contain harmful chemicals. Opt for natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils while selecting cleaning products. Look for brands dedicated to sustainability and making a difference in the world.

Using coconut oil for skincare

Incorporating coconut oil into one’s personal care routine can help transition towards an eco-friendly bathroom. This natural ingredient can replace many conventional products as it serves as a moisturizer and makeup remover for skin and hair. Sustainable packaging options like glass jars provide an added advantage. With the use of coconut oil and other friendly products like shampoo bars or bamboo toothbrushes, one can contribute to minimizing the use of plastic packaging and solvents commonly found in commercially available personal care items.

Reusing and repurposing old bathroom items

Giving new life to old bathroom objects is an excellent way to reduce waste while making the most of what you already have. Whether it’s turning toothbrushes into cleaning tools or using empty shampoo bottles for storage, these small changes can significantly reduce your ecological footprint. By reusing and repurposing items like towels or jars, you can help protect the environment while saving money and resources.

Reducing water waste in the bathroom

To make your bathroom more eco-friendly, start by reducing water waste without compromising on cleanliness. Opt for a low-flow showerhead or tapware, fix leaks as soon as they appear, and switch to dual-flush toilets or use recycled toilet paper or bidets. Collect and reuse greywater for flushing toilets or watering plants. Not only will you save gallons of water each year but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of an eco-friendly bathroom renovation

Upgrading your bathroom with environmentally friendly products can lower water usage by installing low-flow toilets and tapware or even reducing hot water usage. Consider sustainable products such as bamboo toothbrushes or shampoo bars with no plastic packaging for an eco-friendly bathroom. Use natural deodorants or multi-purpose bathroom cleaners made with vinegar to reduce the amount of solvents used. Upgrading your bathroom also increases home value while providing personal satisfaction in protecting the planet.


Going green in your bathroom is not just good for the environment, but it’s also great for your wallet. Small eco-friendly swaps can make a significant impact on reducing waste and conserving resources while adding a touch of style to your bathroom. From using low-flow showerheads to making your own toilet cleaner, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom more sustainable. Consider taking inspiration from our list of eco-friendly bathroom tips and start incorporating them into your daily routine. By doing so, you will help keep the environment clean and healthy for generations to come. Do you have any other eco-bathroom tips? Share them with us on social media!


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