How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Sydney in 2019?

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‘How much does a bathroom renovation cost?’ is a common question and is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string!

But there are some common parameters based on the current Sydney bathroom renovation market.  Let’s face it, everyone is working to a budget!  You want your bathroom, but you still want to go on that holiday this year too, right?!

Bathroom Renovation Cost: The Fast Answer

At present, a common cost is around the $20,000 mark.  It could be less, (and) it could be more!  Let’s take a look at how and why your bathroom renovation could cost more or less than this in today’s market.


Bathroom Renovation Cost: The Detailed Answer

There are many variables impacting on the final cost for any building project. Your bathroom is one of the most complex rooms in your house. So it stands to reason that the cost breakdown will also be somewhat complex. But who has time for complexity, we all want answers, right?

Can I get a bathroom renovation for $5,000?

For $5,000, you could replace your toilet, vanity, taps and shower screen with some budget friendly products and maybe even re-grout the tiles. A nice makeover yes, but not what we consider a ‘bathroom renovation’ per se.

Can I get a bathroom renovation for $10,000?

With $10,000, a really good make over can definitely be achieved.  However, generally this costing is likely to represent the value of the labour component for a complete but simple renovation of an en-suite i.e., no changes to plumbing or electrical. However, this budget is unlikely to cover all of the required fixtures, such as tiles, a new toilet, new vanity and shower screen.

Is $15,000 enough to renovate my bathroom?

Now we are getting to a more realistic budget for a complete bathroom renovation project. This budget could cover a smaller bathroom or en-suite with some reliable, yet very basic new fixtures.  Some minor adjustments to plumbing and electrical could also be achieved, along with simple tiling to the ceiling.

Will I get a nice bathroom renovation for $20,000?


This is where bathrooms really start to come to life, with the majority of modern bathroom renovations coming in around this mark.

empire bathrooms renovation feature

What will I get for $20,000?

  • Most people are wanting to upgrade their old taps to mixer taps, and incorporate a nice shower head that feels like a ‘tropical shower’ rather than ‘gorillas in the mist’!
  • A sleek toilet that fits back to the wall with no exposed pipes is very popular, and it’s nice to have a vanity that sits off the floor with a nice painted finish.
  • Tiling that goes to the ceiling with the inclusion of a niche in the shower for your essential shower items is a common requirement.
  • Most people want some new LED downlights and a fan as a minimum in the electrical department, and a frameless shower screen to keep cleaning time down.

Items that were previously seen as luxuries are now becoming a standard feature in 2019 bathrooms, and are reflected in the bathroom renovation cost.

So, what about beyond $20,000?

This is where bathroom renovations start to look amazing! There are so many variables that are on offer to give your bathroom that cutting edge look. Let’s look at a few luxury upgrades that are going to set you apart from the rest.

  • Starting with the bath, it’s becoming more common to have a free standing bath, and somewhat more fashionable to have a floor mounted tap to go with it.
  • Some people are preferring a toilet that sits off the ground with the cistern hidden in the wall with a nice glass fronted button assembly.
  • Vanities are not what they used to be. Nowadays we can have lights built into the drawers and power points as well. We can have Caesar stone tops and soft close hinges and the variations are endless.
  • Shower heads can come from the ceiling, and why stop at one?! Many people are deciding that two is the way to go.
  • Tiles are always changing and styles are getting better every year.
  • The quality of the build can also vary too. Is your plumber using copper pipes? Or plastic? What type of waterproofing is being supplied? How experienced are the tilers? What attention to detail is the fitout guy going to?
  • And of course, layout! Structural changes and changing positions of plumbing and electrical points are all possible. Creating a functional and usable space is an important aspect of luxury bathroom renovations.

These are just some of the variables that add to the complexity of the bathroom renovation cost question. The best way to find out is to give your local bathroom renovation expert a call and ask. It’s that easy!  CALL Empire Bathrooms TODAY for a chat!

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